What Unites Us?

The Global Board of Advocates (GBoA) represents the world’s people’s social, environmental, and humanitarian Advocates overseeing our Red Zones of Continuity. The Red Zones are our most critical controls to humanity and our biosphere’s future. These controls ensure our safety, security, and the natural balance of a stable environment and our path to the continuity of life.  As stewards, facilitators, and educators of our Red Zones, we provide oversight, repair, and maintenance of this balance in the world’s people’s best interests.

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In January 2021, the GBoA was established as an independent representation of the world’s people’s will and best interests to balance the agendas of our world’s governments, markets, and special interest divides. This also allows the people to establish a sense of confidence that their will and best interests are being served.

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Our Missions

When necessary, the GBoA officially issues Memorandums, Notices, and Directives to the world’s people and their nations.  This, to advise, direct to protect or preserve, or to transfer the custody and control of any critical element within the Red Zones which is risking or imposing an existential threat to our continuity.  We assure humanity that it has the authority, tools, and provisioning from its nations to protect itself from global environmental catastrophes. 

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Our Missions


To do this, the GBoA and its stewardships rely on many social tools, like fundamental moral, ethical, and value assumptions, basic civil and human rights, social imperatives including free and fair markets, and various bodies of law pertaining to the maintainability of the continuity of life.  


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